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Negligent Driving

Have you been charged with negligent driving in WA?

Our Washington negligent driving attorneys can help.

In the 1990s, the Washington legislature divided the crime of negligent driving into two different categories.

Negligent driving in the first degree is an infraction that requires that the person drives negligently and also demonstrates the effects of having consumed alcohol. As a result, our state is now able to charge you with an alcohol-related traffic offense even if you are not intoxicated or technically impaired.

Negligent driving in the second degree is a civil infraction and means the accused was driving in a way that was likely to endanger other people or property. Washington criminal lawyerJason S. Newcombe will be able to explain the details of the type of negligent driving of which you have been accused.

Criminal defense is one of the primary practice areas of our firm, and you can be confident in our ability to defend you effectively in court after being charged with negligent driving. Our team has over 30 years of combined legal experience and is here to listen and help. We understand what you are going through and will be able to answer any of your questions regarding your case.

Washington Criminal lawyers defending negligent driving charges.

Your attorney will know the most effective way to defend you against a negligent driving charge. For example, due to the fact that negligent driving now has two classifications, your DUI charge could be reduced to negligent driving in the first degree. This type is preferable since jail time and license suspension are not mandatory, as opposed to a DUI. The Washington Department of Licensing views it as a simple infraction and it is possible for it to be removed from your record after a certain period of time. Remember that negligent driving is different from reckless driving, which involves a more serious risk to property and human life. Speak to our firm as soon as possible to start building your defense after being accused of negligent driving.

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