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Crimes of Dishonesty

Charged with a crime of dishonesty in Washington State?

Our Washington criminal attorneys will defend you.

Any criminal charge is a serious matter which puts you at risk of receiving a harsh sentence, but certain offenses may potentially have a greater impact on your future.

A conviction for a crime of dishonesty could cause you major problems in several areas of your life, and it is important to take action now to keep your criminal record clean. You need an advocate to look out for your best interests and to help you avoid the serious consequences you face. Our firm has more than 30 years of combined experience, and Washington criminal attorney Jason S. Newcombe is dedicated to helping individuals in your position defend their rights. Contact us now to discuss your options for defense.

Crimes of dishonesty often have the effect of making others distrust the individual who has been convicted, on the grounds that if it happened once, it may happen again. Many employers require job applicants to submit to a background check, and if you are discovered to have fraud, embezzlement or forgery on your criminal record, your application may be denied. Most companies are unwilling to hire an individual who has previously been convicted of a theft crime.

Defending your rights in Washington State.

Convictions for crimes such as trafficking in stolen property, burglary, robbery, possession of stolen property, and vehicle prowling will often lead landlords to refuse to let an apartment or house out to a potential tenant, as there is too much apparent risk of future crimes.

Our Washington criminal attorneys will fight to get your crime of dishonesty in Washington State dismissed.

A Washington criminal attorney will work tirelessly to help you avoid negative consequences by seeking to have the charges you face reduced or dismissed, or pursuing your exoneration. If you have already been convicted, we may be able to help you clear your record through expungement. With your future at stake, you should not hesitate to retain our services as early as possible.

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